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Kelly Banks

Kelly Banks is the practice administrator for Illinois Vein Specialists and has been with IVS since it opened in 2009. She has been working in healthcare since 1989, originally as a registration clerk in the ER and a paramedic after gaining her Associate’s Degree from Malcolm X Community College in Chicago in Paramedicine.

After working with the long hours, extreme chaos, and mental toll in the ER, Kelly decided it was time for a change, leading to her taking a position in vein care. After the switch, Kelly found inspiration in getting to know patients on a personal level and watching them improve with amazing and often life-changing care. She also realized that she wanted to move up in the clinical atmosphere to continue to help patients, which led her to IVS and her current position.

In her position, Kelly acts as a patient advocate, taking great pride in creating and carrying out treatment plans and watching the patients at IVS reap the benefits of these effective treatments. Every patient has different and unique needs, and Kelly works to improve patient care by adjusting treatment plans to accommodate her patients’ physical, mental, and personal needs.

Her favorite types of patients to treat are the ones that feel as though they will never get better because they have been dealing with their condition for a very long time, such as with varicose vein conditions that spread from hip to ankle. Kelly finds it rewarding to help patients and show them that they can and will get better with treatments at IVS.

Outside of her work at IVS, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, gardening, and traveling to visit with family members who live outside of Chicago and Northern Illinois.

Kelly Banks

Kelly Banks

Practice Administrator